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Asean: Thảo luận về ASEAN Bank network


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March 2012
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Đây là tên của hệ thống ngân hàng, nếu thành lập, sẽ tự động có giấy phép thành lập ở bất kỳ quốc gia nào ở Asean: http://www.mizzima.com Miến điện:
(Mizzima) – An “Asean bank” system will be discussed on the sidelines of the Asean summit in Cambodia on March 26. The idea is to make it easier for member banks to set up subsidiaries and operate throughout the region.The move fits in with the plan to integrate the region’s financial markets in line with the Asean goal to create an economic community by 2015, according to an article in The Mainichi Daily News.Central bank governors are expected to discuss the idea at meetings on the sidelines of the Asean finance ministers meeting in Phnom Penh.

“If accepted, a bank can have a license automatically from the 10-member countries,” said the official. “The ultimate goal is to promote financial market integration, one of the core ideas of the Asean Economic Community.”.The plan will probably begin in financially strong countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.Financially developed member states are expected to provide technical assistance to weaker members – Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and and Burma, the newspaper said.

So far only three banks – from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand – are believed to meet the anticipated standards. Asean central bank governors will gather in Phnom Penh for a series of meetings that start with the Asean Central Bank Forum on March 26, culminating in a meeting of Asean central bank governors on March 29.

Central bank governors from Cambodia, Indonesia and Brunei will also take part in the Asean finance ministers’ meeting to be held March 30.Burma Central Bank Governor: technical work by the Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM) is already under way to establish the necessary market structure. Ultimately, the unification of the exchange rate would require moving away from the “export first” policy. In light of the appreciation pressures, she said, certain exchange restrictions can be removed immediately, for example, by allowing the use of all foreign currency bank account balances for imports, easing import licensing requirements and access to the newly established foreign exchange retail counters.

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