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April 2012
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Chuyến đi Hồ Cẩm Đào gặp Hun Sen 2012
On March 31, 2012, Chinese President Hu Jintao met with Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen in Phnom Penh. Both sides exchanged in-depth views on bilateral ties as well as the regional situation and agreed to advance the comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation. They also agreed that both peoples will remain good neighbors, good friends, good brothers and good partners. The two leaders pledged to expand mutually beneficial cooperation in all fields and to double the annual two-way trade to 5 billion U.S. dollars by 2017.

Hu said the China-Cambodia friendship has a long history. Bilateral friendship forged and cultivated by the leaders of the two countries has withstood the test of time and vicissitudes in the international arena since the two countries established diplomatic ties more than 50 years ago. The two countries have established the comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation with a high degree of mutual trust, sincere cooperation, firm mutual support and common development. China appreciates Prime Minister Hun Sen for always attaching importance to developing relations with China, firmly supporting China on major issues and making ​​important contributions to China-Cambodia relationship.

“As both international and regional situations are undergoing profound and complex changes, continued enrichment and development of the comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation between China and Cambodia serves the fundamental interests and common aspirations of the two peoples and is also conducive to regional peace, stability and development,” he said. China is ready to work with Cambodia to further enhance political mutual trust and strengthen good-neighborly friendship and cooperation, Hu said.

Hu put forward a four-point proposal with a view to further advancing China-Cambodia relations. First, the two countries should maintain close contacts and strengthen strategic communication. The two sides should formulate and implement a program of action for bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation and should step up efforts to expand party-to-party exchanges and cooperation in human resources training. Both sides should also learn from each other on governing the country. Noting that the next year would be the 55th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Cambodia, Hu suggested the year of 2013 be designated as the Year of China-Cambodia Friendship to further expand cultural and people-to-people exchanges. Second, the two countries should expand pragmatic cooperation to realize a win-win situation, Hu said. The two countries should carry out overall planning for economic and trade cooperation and enhance agricultural cooperation in line with each other’s advantages and development strategies. The Chinese side encourages competent enterprises to invest in Cambodia to boost bilateral cooperation in infrastructure, civil aviation and tourism. Third, the two countries should strengthen cooperation on security and law enforcement by jointly combating cross-border crimes such as terrorism and drug trafficking, and should maintain contacts between the armed forces of the two countries. Fourth, China and Cambodia should manage to make multilateral coordination closer, strengthen mutual support, and strengthen communication, coordination and cooperation within the frameworks of the United Nations, East Asia cooperation, the ASEAN Regional Forum and the Greater Mekong Subregion Economic Cooperation to safeguard the common interests of the two countries and those of other developing countries, Hu said.

Agreeing with Hu’s comments and proposals on bilateral ties, Hun Sen said Cambodia and China share a long-term friendship with mutual trust and their mutually beneficial cooperation has a solid foundation. The Cambodian government and people thank for China’s important support and help. As a Chinese saying goes, “Distance tests a horse’s strength”. The development course of Cambodia-China relations proves that the ties served as an outstanding example of good neighborliness. He said he believed Hu’s visit would boost mutual trust and the continued development of the comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation between Cambodia and China. The prime minister said Cambodia sticks to the one-China policy, and is willing to maintain close contacts with China. Cambodia is also ready to exchange experiences with China on development strategies and expand cooperation with China in trade, agriculture, infrastructure, security and law enforcement.

Hun Sen pledged to make efforts to ensure the Year of China-Cambodia Friendship a success and to encourage youth exchanges. He also expressed the hope for greater coordination and cooperation with China within multilateral frameworks such as the United Nations.

The Chinese president said the world today is undergoing great development, great changes and major adjustments and maintenance of the general situation of stability and development in Asia deserves to be cherished. Over the years, Asia has adhered to equal treatment, consensus through consultation and graduality and has developed a set of effective principles and practices suited to the realities of this region. Asian countries have the capacity and responsibility to safeguard peace and stability in the region, develop the economy, improve people’s livelihood and promote social harmony and stability, he said. Cooperation among East Asian countries is in a crucial stage of development, Hu said, adding that cooperation in East Asia should take development as a priority. The status of the “10+3” and “10+1” cooperation as the major channel of East Asian cooperation should be maintained. Hu said China supports Cambodia’s role in regional affairs in its capacity as the current rotating chair of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). China is ready to enhance coordination and cooperation with Cambodia to push for sound development of East Asian cooperation.

Hun Sen said ASEAN should play a leading role in promoting cooperation in East Asia. Cambodia thanks China for backing its current rotating ASEAN presidency and is ready to strengthen communication and cooperation with China on regional affairs, said Hun Sen.

Prior to the meeting, President Hu laid a wreath at Cambodia’s Monument to Independence.

Both leaders also witnessed the signing of a number of cooperation documents after the meeting.

Ling Jihua, Wang Huning and Dai Bingguo attended the above activities.
Vua gặp Hồ Cẩm Đào : On March 31, 2012, Chinese President Hu Jintao met with Cambodian King Norodom Sihamoni in Phnom Penh. The two sides conducted friendly talks.

Hu first of all asked Sihamoni to convey his cordial greetings and sincere wishes to Cambodia’s King Father Norodom Sihanouk and Queen Mother Norodom Monineath Sihanouk.

Hu said that the Cambodian royal family has made extraordinary contributions to the development of China-Cambodia relations over the years. Sihanouk has close contacts with several generations of Chinese leaders and views China as his second hometown. Spanning over half a century, this great friendship has never been faded. It has been passed from mouth to mouth with approbation by the two peoples. Carrying forward the glorious tradition of Sihanouk, Sihamoni attaches great importance to developing the friendly and cooperative relations with China and has made new contributions to promoting the bilateral traditional friendship, which we highly appreciate. He pointed out that China cherishes the bilateral traditional friendship and will make every effort to push forward the bilateral all-round strategic partnership and benefit the two peoples in the principle of being a good neighbor and a good partner.

On behalf of Sihanouk, Monineath and the Cambodian people, Sihamoni expressed warm welcome to Hu. He said that Hu’s state visit to Cambodia has historical significance and will boost the traditional friendship between Cambodia and China and achieve fruitful results. Cambodia always views China as the closest great friend. The Cambodian royal family will follow the path of friendship built by Sihanouk and consolidate and develop the friendly and cooperative relations with China.

Hu spoke highly of the political stability, ethnic harmony, sustainable economic growth and rising international status of Cambodia. He expressed confidence that Cambodia’s national development will achieve greater progress under the leadership of Sihamoni and with the concerted efforts of the Cambodian government and people.

Sihamoni noted that the Cambodian people appreciate China’s long-term support and help and sincerely wish China achieves greater development.

Prior to the meeting, Hu attended the welcome ceremony hosted by Sihamoni.

Hu’s wife Liu Yongqing as well as Ling Jihua, Wang Huning and Dai Bingguo were present at the above-mentioned activities.
President Hu Jintao Holds Telephone Conversation with Cambodian Queen Mother Monineath


On March 30, 2012, upon arrival in Phnom Penh, Chinese President Hu Jintao held a telephone conversation with Cambodian Queen Mother Norodom Monineath Sihanouk, who is accompanying her husband, King Father Norodom Sihanouk, in Beijing. Both sides held cordial and friendly talks.

Speaking in Chinese, Monineath conveyed the cordial greetings and warm welcome of King Father Norodom Sihanouk and herself to President Hu and his wife Liu Yongqing. She expressed gratitude to Hu for sending State Councilor Dai Bingguo to visit them during their stay in Beijing and wished Hu’s visit to her country a great success.

Hu conveyed his cordial greetings and sincere thanks to Sihanouk and Monineath. “Upon setting foot on the soil of Cambodia, I have received a warm reception from the Royal Family, the Cambodian government and the Cambodian people. I am deeply impressed by the deep-rooted friendship between the two peoples,” Hu said. The China-Cambodia relationship had developed smoothly in recent years and cooperation in various areas between the two countries had always yielded results, Hu said. The president highly appreciated the special contribution made by Sihanouk to promoting bilateral ties, saying the current sound relationship was a result of joint efforts by the King Father and Chinese leaders as well as the endeavors by the two peoples. He said he believed his visit would bring the bilateral ties to a higher level.

Upon Hu’s arrival at the hotel, Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Royal Palace Kong Sam Ol, on behalf of Sihanouk and Monineath, presented flower baskets to President Hu and his wife to extend best wishes.
Chuẩn bị cho chuyến đi cấp cao:
Jia Qinglin Meets with Cambodian King Norodom Sihamoni


On February 13, 2012, Jia Qinglin, chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, met with Cambodia’s King Norodom Sihamoni in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse.

Jia first conveyed greetings and wishes from Chinese President Hu Jintao to Sihamoni. The Chinese-Cambodian comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation, under the care of Sihamoni and his father, former Cambodian King Norodom Sihanouk, has been consolidated with steady progress, Jia said. He also attributed such development to the efforts from the two governments and peoples. Jia highlighted frequent high-level visits, contact at local and grass-roots level, as well as fruitful cooperation in various fields, which he said brought about tangible benefits to the two peoples.

China will, as always, support Cambodia to pursue a development path suited to its national conditions, as well as its efforts in developing its economy and improving people’s livelihoods, Jia said. The two countries have huge potential in economic and trade cooperation. He pledged to take positive measures to encourage more Chinese imports from Cambodia, more Chinese investments in Cambodia and more Chinese tourists to Cambodia. China will also support friendly exchanges and cooperation between both countries at local levels. Jia said under the care of the Cambodian royal family and with the joint efforts of the two governments and peoples, Sino-Cambodian friendly relations will continue to show new vigor and vitality.

Sihamoni asked Jia to convey his cordial greetings and good wishes to President Hu Jintao. He spoke highly of the profound friendship between Chinese and Cambodian people, and said the Cambodian government and people appreciated the long-term support and assistance the Chinese government and people have offered for Cambodia. The Cambodian side highly appreciated the development achievements of China in various fields. Cambodia will work with China to push forward bilateral friendly cooperation, and will stick to the one-China policy, he said.


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