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January 2013
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Các công đoàn chia rẽ về mức lương tối thiểu dệt may dựa trên lập luận so sánh với các nước lân cận: Chủ tịch Công đoàn tự do CPC FTU Chea Mony hôm 3/1 đã chính thức công bố đề nghị thương thảo với nghiệp đoàn giới chủ dệt may GMAC về lương tối thiểu $120/tháng và $115 cho thử việc trogn ngành dệt may. Liên đoàn các công đoàn Campuchia CCU do Rong Chhun làm chủ tịch giữ nguyên mức đàm phán lương tối thiểu là $150. Do đó FTU đã tách khỏi CCU. GMAC và các công đoàn chưa thống nhất ngày thương thuyết.  PP 4/1

Thái lan: Quân đội ủng hộ Chính phủ tuân thủ phán quyết ICJ về Preah Vihear:  Tướng Prayuth Chan-ocha Tư lệnh quân đội Thái lan phát biểu hôm 3/1 rằng quân đội Thái đồng quan điểm với Bộ Ngoại giao về việc tuân thủ phán quyết của ICJ, do đó đang chuẩn bị để rút quân khỏi khu vực Preah Vihear. Nation 4/1

Thủ tướng Thái đã phê chuẩn kế hoạch thành lập nhóm tác nghiepẹ phát ngôn về vấn đề Preah Vihear gồm dân sự, cảnh sát và quân đội.  THX 3/1

Ttg Hun Sen kêu gọi các lực lượng cảnh sát cửa khẩu hợp tác chặt chẽ với  Thái lan và phía Thái lan không nên tuyên bố đóng cửa các cửa khẩu.  Trong thời gian qua cảnh sát cửa khẩu Thái lan đã nhiều lần tuyên bố đóng và mở lại các cửa khẩu với CPC. Hun Sen said to Thai police: “Please don’t close the border too often, closing and opening like you are a valve, like you are switching the lights on and off. Sometimes (Cambodian traders) transported the goods to the border and the other side (Thailand) closed the border, sometimes this side (Cambodia) closed the border. But this side do not often close the border, only the other (Thailand) side did. May I send a message (to the Thai side), please be mindful that if we close the border we will close it forever and the one who will lose is the Thai side, not the Khmer side, please don’t get confused about this. This is the message I wanted to send (to the Thai side)”.  3 January 2013 (The Cambodia Herald) – PAILIN (The Cambodia Herald) – Prime Minister Hun Sen urged Cambodia and Thai authorities Thursday to continue cooperation and asked Thailand not to close border crossings.

“Thai authorities near Pailin province have to expand good relations between Thailand’s Chanburi and Cambodia’s Pailin provinces,” he told a ceremony in Pailin. Theo RFA 3/1


Mỹ muốn tăng cường quan hệ với CPC sau chuyến thăm của Obama: VOA Khmer 04 January 2013:

WASHINGTON DC – The United States is looking forward to making sure the US-Cambodian relations grow stronger after the visit of US President Barack Obama to Cambodia in November, according to US Embassy spokesman Sean McIntosh. In a recent interview with VOA Khmer, McIntosh said Obama has decided to make Southeast Asia and Asia a closer partner to the US. “The US core interest is in economic prosperity, stability and security here,” he said. “And I think it also speaks specifically to Cambodia because the United States and Cambodia have just celebrated over 60 years of diplomatic relations.”While some political analysts say the increased US attention to the region is to counter the growing influence of Beijing, McIntosh said the US encourages the economic growth of China.“A strong China, an economically prosperous China, is good for China itself and for the region,” he said. “And the United States works together with China to make sure that both of us are working together for the betterment of the region and for the betterment of Cambodia.”

However, despite the improved relations, the US still has concerns with Cambodia’s human rights abuses and flawed electoral system. Cambodia, meanwhile, says it wants war-era debts incurred by the Lon Nol regime to be forgiven.

TQ-CPC: Bộ trưởng Giao thông không biết rõ tình trạng các dự án của TQ mới ký với CPC ? The Cambodia Daily January 3, 2013.

The minister of transport, who on Monday watched over the signing of a deal between two Chinese companies to build a 400-km railway, yesterday said the government has minimal knowledge of the project.
Cambodia Iron and Steel Mining Industry Group and China Railway Group signed a memorandum of understanding to build an iron mill in Preah Vihear province, a new seaport in Koh Kong province and a railway connecting the two, for a total cost of $9.6 billion.
Government officials from affected provinces and other ministries have referred questions about the project to the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.
Transport Minister Tram Iv Tek said, however, that he did not know a great deal about the project.
“I don’t know what the companies will do. Let’s wait and see all together,” Mr. Iv Tek said. “If they can really do it, it will help Cambodia’s economy a lot.”
“Just 10 percent of the project is already big, it’s $1 billion,” he added.
It is unclear exactly where the railway will be built, how land will be procured and how many people will be displaced by the project.
Environment Minister Mok Mareth said on Tuesday that an environmental impact assessment has not yet been submitted for the project, on which work is due to begin in July.
At the Tuol Kok district office of the Cambodia Iron and Steel Mining Industry Group yesterday, a secretary said company officials had gone back to China until after Chinese New Year, in February.
At the Tuol Kok district office of the Cambodia Iron and Steel Mining Industry Group yesterday, a secretary said company officials had gone back to China until after Chinese New Year, in February.
A Chinese man in military fatigues, bearing no insignia, milled around at the office building, which also houses a block of apartments bearing the sign “Cambodia Iron Group Apartment.”
A rudimentary plan for the steel mill, superimposed upon a picture of a forested area, sat on the wall of the company’s office.
According to the Preah Vihear provincial industry, mines and energy office, the company currently holds a license to explore for iron ore, but not to dig a mine.
In May 2007, the Associated Press reported from Shanghai that four giant state-owned Chinese steel firms—Wuhan Iron and Steel, Baosteel Group, Anshan Iron and Steel Group and Shougang Iron and Steel—had joined to explore for iron ore in Preah Vihear to address China’s lack of control over its steel supply.
Cambodia Iron and Steel Mining Industry Group chairman Zhang Chuan Li said on Monday that the company was backed by four major steel firms in China.

Hôn nhân Thái-CPC : 3 JANUARY 2013.  

Former Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat said Thursday that his daughter; Chayapa, will marry her boyfriend Nam Lynal, a son of Cambodian MP and tycoon Sieng Nam, on May 18 at a Bangkok hotel.
The wedding party will be held again on May 25 at a hotel in Phnom Penh. He said the marriage is the prvate affair of two people who want to build a future together and should not be linked to politics.
“I am a father who wishes to support his child to have stability in her life,” he added.
Somchai is a brother-in-law of former PM Thaksin Shinawatra and current PM Yingluck.
The 32-year-old groom’s father is an MP for Siem Reap province and a real estate tycoon. His mother is Oun Vunly. Sieng Nam is a close aide to Prime Minister Hun Sen. Chayapa, 29, who is known as Shirley, is a former singer and now works as a public prosecutor.
Khmer media reported that Nam Lynal, an official of the Cambodian Council of Ministers, met Chayapa, while studying in Thailand.
Xinhua | 2013-1-3
By Agencies

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen (pictured) on Thursday appealed to both Cambodians and Thais along the border to get on with each other to build a border of peace, friendship, cooperation and development.”All authorities along the two countries’ border provinces should try to build up good relations for the two peoples in order to honor the two governments’ policy,” Hun Sen said during an inauguration ceremony of achievements in western Pailin province bordering Thailand’s Chanthaburi province.The ceremony was also attended by Phunsak Pranutnoraphan, governor of Chanthaburi province, and other Thai military commanders along the border.”I wish to see people along the border to live in peace without worrying about gunfire exchange and house fire,” he said. “I’d like to urge the governors, all levels of authorities, and armed forces of the two nations’ border provinces to be friendly to each other to build a border of peace and cooperation.”

Meanwhile, the premier warned that Thai side should not frequently close border checkpoints.

“Be careful, when you (Thai authorities) close the frontier, and Cambodia closes too, at that time, and Thailand will get loss because Thailand exports products to Cambodia in equivalent to more than 2 billion US dollars a year, while Cambodia exports items to Thailand only around 200 million US dollars,” he said.Cambodia shares 805 km of border with Thailand to the west and northwest.

The two neighbors have had sporadic border conflicts over territorial dispute near Cambodia’s Preah Vihear temple since the UNESCO listed the temple as a World Heritage Site on July 7, 2008, but Thailand claims the ownership of 4.6 square kilometers of scrub next to the temple.

Fierce clashes between the two sides happened in February and April 2011 during Thailand’s Democrat Party rule.

However, the two countries have seen improving ties since August, 2011 when the former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s Pheu Thai Party won the general election and led the current government.

Thursday, 03 January 2013 14:59 ដោយៈ ដើមអម្ពិល (DAP)-ID: 009

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