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Victims of S21 not united on Association’s statement 4-6


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June 2013
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Hội Nạn nhân nhà tù Tuol Sleng ra tuyên bố sẽ biểu tình chống Kem Sokha hôm 10.6. Tuy nhiên hôm 4/6 ông Bou Meng một nạn nhân S-21, phó chủ tịch Hội nạn nhân S21  tuyên bố ông giữ quan điểm trung lập, không tham gia cuộc biểu tình,  và tuyên bố của  ông Chum Mey về việc Hội sẽ biểu tình chống lại phát biểu của Sokha là quan điểm riêng của ông Chum Mey, không phải của Hội . Cambodian Herald 4/6

Thư của KK

Dear Excellencies:

After making urgent appeal to the United Nations and other international organizations for assistance and help via video clips on Youtube.com (posted above), both Venerable Thach Thuong and Lieu Ny were caught by Vietnamese police on 21 May 2013, and up to date their whereabouts are still a mystery.

As rightful and legitimate owners of their ancestral homeland and motherland, Kampuchea Krom territory also known as Cochin China or southern Vietnam of the Mekong Delta region and as Indigenous Non-Self-Governing Peoples of a Non-Self-Governing Kampuchea Krom Territory pursuant to the United Nations Declaration 1514(XV) of 14 December 1960 regarding the Granting Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples, have the legitimate right to be strongly supported by the world community at large especially the United Nations and all the World’s Top Leaders whose greatest wills and highest aspirations are to totally eradicate colonialism and or neocolonialism in the whole world in the twenty-first century. For those countries, nations, international organizations and others that are more inclined toward Vietnam and or directly or indirectly support Vietnam, not daring to blame or punish Vietnam in such flagrant and gross violations of the Indigenous Khmer Peoples’ five basic categories of human rights or their right of nondiscrimination are said to be useless and wasteful members of the human family on this small planet Earth by the victims legitimate landowners, the very long-lasting suffering Khmer Krom peoples. The continuation of the State of Vietnam’s honorable and distinguished seat at the United Nations and the belief in the Vietnamese government’s promises, proclamation or declaration to respect human rights of all people in Vietnam is, per se and per God the Almighty Law or natural law, a smoke screen and too shameful.

Greatly hope that the very rightful and legitimate owners of the land are never ever forgotten and ignored, and their five basic categories of human rights violators are never ever escaping freely and going free from intolerable and severe punishment for all past and ongoing crimes deliberately committed against the indigenous Khmer Krom peoples, the very real and legitimate owners of Kampuchea Krom territory, would you please Their Excellencies, accept from the bottom of our hearts our deepest respect and gratitude.

Very Respectfully Submitted,

Chan Chhan Keo
Hun Sen tuyên bố sẽ từ chức nếu CPP thắng dưới 50%

Đối lập: Chuyến đi của SR vận động CPC kiều Hàn quốc được 15 nghìn USD. Khmerization 4/6

Sẽ thông qua Luật trừng phạt ai chối bỏ sự thật về K đỏ: Ông Cheng Vun, Chủ nhiệm UB đối ngoại, người phát ngôn của QH CPC cho biết Quốc Hội đang xem xét và sẽ nhanh chóng thông qua Dự luật về hành vi chối bỏ sự thật và tội ác Khmer đỏ. Cambodia Herald 4/6

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