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25 july: Campaigning policy of CNRP


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July 2013
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Nhóm vận động hải ngoại của CNRP gọi đảng này là Liên đoàn công lý CPC. Quảng bá 4 điểm đường lối của CNRP, 1) , 2) 3) 4).

The Justice League of Cambodia

Since its inception in July of 2012, the Cambodia National Rescue Party, the largest unified opposition party in the country has gained exponentially support from Khmer people inside the country and around the globe.  The CNRP is getting recognition from the international community and Professor Surya Subedi, the Special Rapporteur by the United Nations for Cambodia, and along with the United States government have vouched for free and fair election, for the purpose of allowing His Excellency President Sam Rainsy to have “unconditionally” and “fully participation” in politics upon his return ahead of elections. 
The CNRP is working from the grassroots levels – deploying their civil servants to comb through cities, towns, and secluded villages, to conduct meetings – disseminate information and educate the people about the important of their basic fundamental rights – liberty, dignity of individuals, and the consent of the governed.  The CNRP have been receiving outpoured of complaints from the people about their daily struggles.  The people have raised their concerned, and their choice for the candidate to be their next Prime Minster was crystal clear.  They would not vote for a candidate who was only good at doing lip services.  The people would choose a leader, who is not only based with endless creative ideas and/or solutions to combat these current myriad social and political issues, but a leader, who would uphold his promises in guaranteeing and prioritizing their constitutional rights and ensuring for better future for younger generations to come. 
The CNRP had anticipated the labyrinth of paths to wade through and a high mountain to climb for, and recently, they had encountered with threats, attempted by thugs and terrorists.  Chheang Vun, the alpha male of the hyena pack from the CPP, shooed MP Son Chhay out of the National Assembly building, for instance.  But the CNRP were undeterred.  They are the “Justice League of Cambodia.”  The CNRP are comprised of people who are honest, thoughtful, civic-minded individuals, and with the can-do attitudes.  They are committed to democratic principles and respected the rule of law.  The CNRP’s motto is “United We Win.”  And this has been amplifying and uplifting their spirits of solidarity and unity, “Doing what we love is freedom.  And loving what we do is happiness.”  Their political campaign platforms were optimistic and promising.  The overstuffed pinata (corruption) or the “Cambodia’s Family Trees,” the Global Witness had named it, has long been nationally and internationally abhorred and criticized as the cancer that has been gnawing at and chipping away the good core moral fabric of our Khmer society.  If the CNRP won this upcoming election, their administration would first take a complete X-ray of this pinata.
The CNRP promises to do what the government should have been sworn to do for its own people: (1) to rescue, serve, protect, and defend of Khmer territorial integrity and sovereignty; (2) promote economic growth – create jobs, improve the living and working conditions, and increase wages; enlist the able body individuals into career and employment training and move them into work force; improve infrastructures; invest in green technologies; provide incentives for farm workers and merchants with guarantee of low interest rates and tax breaks; ensure the country with friendly and conducive environment for international investments; (3) foster and nurture Tro Paing Snorng Rousey – improve education system and promote mathematics and sciences; better salaries and benefits for teachers; scholarships for students; gives equal opportunity for youth to get involved in the government and politics; and protect environment; and (4) establish government safety nets and services – provide health care services and coverages for children, women, poor, olds, and the sicks.  The CNRP also promises to certify people with the legitimate land titles.  But the ultimate duty and responsibility of the CNRP is to cherish ambitions and shower the people with the overdue of generations of aching desire and empire dreams of “freedom.”  The freedom that the people can choose to exercise their constitutional rights without fear of being scrutinize by the government.  The freedom that would allow the people to explore their possibilities and abundant of opportunity in life.  The freedom that the people would like to live their lives to the fullest and feel of being “Khmerness,” “Khmer spirit,” and “Cambodia pride.”
Retrospectively, each of the past elections, Hun Sen had promised to do many wonderful things for the people.  But after he had clawed his way to get re-elected, Hun Sen smashed, “Kom-tech,” the hopes and dreams of the people.  For more than 20 years, Hun Sen had become ancestral greed and aggressive selfishness.  He closely controls every aspect of political, judicial, and social life.  Hun Sen, his family, and his handful elite circles had generated much of their wealth via the seizure of public assets, particularly natural resources.  Hun Sen’s policies, “A-Phi-Voat,” have been serving for the privilege few, and while the people were living in the squatter and rubbish dumps, scraping for a living.  He cheated and lied to the people.  He locked the people in the trenches and threw away the key.  Not only he has done relatively little to improve the lives of the people, Hun Sen had turned his blind eye and refused to acknowledge the fact that his regime is thoroughly corrupted and had not acted in the best interests of the people.  Furthermore, the policies of his had forced the innocent people to panhandling and be maid in the foreign countries.  The tragic news ensued.  Some of those people were getting abused, raped, and even murdered.  Some of those people had gotten their limbs chopped off and were thrown into the streets to beg.  And some of other people were completely vanished and no one had ever heard from any of them again.  The people knelt and crawled in the streets, agonizing appealed and supplicated Hun Sen for his mercy.  But in return, Hun Sen rewarded those defenseless innocent people with the deployment of his paramilitary police to threaten their livelihood – pumped in the water to flood the towns, bulldozed, and burned down their homes, instead.  The people filed petitions, held peaceful protests, and had demanded for their voices to be heard, but they were smashed with batons and blasted with water pressure.  A sense of desolation, impoverishment, embitterment, and helplessness anger had volcanically boiling inside them.  Their lives have become darken and relentlessness fate.  They cried their hearts out.  Their accumulated tears could have filled the Srah Srong pond of Angkor Wat Temple.  They shouted and screamed, as loud as the sky could hardly defy the echo of their sea of anguish and were impending cracked open.  And nonetheless, the CPP, neither they were born with abnormal talents, nor had they have any good brain cells left in their craniums to acknowledge the suffering of the people.  And now once again, barefacedly, Hun Sen is pleading with the people.  He had recently imposed on the people to swear before him to help get him re-elected.  And even more absurdly, his sycophants have been doing everything they possibly could, including refusing to sell gasoline for the CNRP supporters, allowing the influx of illegal Vietnamese to the country and issued them with temporary identification cards to vote, and spending the money that they had looted from the state to “rent-a-crowds” for a $5 a day retainer, to help them do election campaigning.  Traitors!  Trov Tae P’do! 
July 28, 2013, will be the golden sunshine of opportunity for each and every Khmer citizen to make our dream reality – to free ourselves from this vastness rubbish dumps.  The Kanapak Sangkrous Jeat will be leading us the way to make it happen for all of us.  But first and foremost, Khmer living in Cambodia must do your part, VOTE for CNRP, #7!  Your voice is your vote and your vote is the key to end the indelible of this incalculable misery and wretchedness.  Leading by His Excellency President Sam Rainsy, the Justice League of Cambodia is here to “Right the Wrong.”  His Excellency President Sam Rainsy is the man with impeccable credentials – higher education, and experiences with domestic and international economics and politics.  His Excellency President Sam Rainsy is the man with integrity, honest and trustworthy, refreshing, acuteness, visions and abundance with creative ideas, resourceful, a kitchen-table public servant, and fearless.  His Excellency President Sam Rainsy would not shy away from rolling up his sleeves and get down in the trenches with the people.  His Excellency President Sam Rainsy puts the needs and comfort of the people first.  He would never wish to put the lives of the people in harm’s way.  If he had to do it all over again, wading through layers of dangers, attempted by the CPP, to pull out those border poles that were surreptitiously means and illegally planted by the Vietnamese on our Khmer land, he would not hesitate in any second to do it again!  His Excellency President Sam Rainsy is our Khmer Hero!  He is wearing T-Shirt that has a logo designer of a glory Rising Sun in the horizon and with #7 that would represent, “Khmer is looking forward to the glory days” ahead of us!  His Excellency President Sam Rainsy is here to hand us with the key #7.  Number 7 is the magic key to free ourselves and open up the window of opportunity for our lives.  Take bees for example, sacrifice their lives, relentlessly and viciously to defense their honeycomb from predators.  On July 28, 2013, each and every Khmer citizen should vehemently swarm the ballot box and vote for CNRP, #7 to defend of our nation from the traitors and invaders.  The day after July 28, 2013, we will all wake up in the morning, leaving this horrible and haunting memories behind us, and instead, welcome and enjoy the new day with a glory sunshine.  Trov Tae P’do!  Bravo, Kanapak Sangkrous Jeat!

All Khmer One Khmer

Justin C. Sok


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