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September 2013
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Bầu cử
Sau ngày tuyên bố kết quả bầu cử chính thức, Lãnh tụ CNRP Sam Rainsy đi tiếp xúc với cử tri tiểu thương ở chợ Orussay Phnom Penh sáng 10/9.

JICA thực hiện dự án tăng cường năng lực quản lý không lưu cho cpc , một trong ba dự án nhật bản giúp vn lào cpc trong khuon khổ hỗ trợ phát triển vùng clv. Akp 10/9 . Helps Cambodia’s Civil Aviation on New Air Navigation System

Quốc vương Sihamoni gửi thông  điệp tới NEC hôm thứ hai thông báo sẽ triệu tập các đại biểu QH vào ngày 23.9 . Hôm nay 11-9 quốc vương về tới Phnom penh.

Binh luận về vai trò quốc vương: RFA 10.9. Dư luận giứoi ngiên cứu cpc cho rằng viêc quốc vương triệu tập QH chứng tỏ nhà vua chịu sức ép và ảnh hưởng từ CPP mỰc dù Hiến pháp không cấm vai trò của nhà vua trong tro đổi với các đảng chính trị để giair quyết bất đồng, . Nhà nghiên cứu c trị Sok Touch hy vọng nhà vua vẫn có cơ hội thảo luận tifm giải pháp tháo gỡ bế tắc , quốc vương không nên sợ Hun sen vì người dân luôn ủng hộ ông và vai trò hoàng gia. Hoàng thân Thomico CNRP e ngại rằng nhà vua không dám can thiệp tích cực vì nguy hiểm tới ngai vàng… Ít nhất hai lần cpp đã đe doạ hoàng gia nếu không nghe lời cpp. Lẽ ra hoàng gia phải đóng vai trò cân bằg các lực lượng chính trị. 

But Prince Sisowath Thomico, a CNRP member and former adviser to King Sihamoni, said the monarch may be wary of using his influence to break the deadlock as it may risk endangering the monarchy itself.

The CPP, he said, has at least twice made direct threats against the institution of the monarchy—once in 2005, when Hun Sen warned the king his throne was at stake if he did not endorse Cambodia-Vietnam border treaties, and again in 2006, when senior party member Cheam Yeap said the CPP could abolish the monarchy just as it had reinstalled it.

“Who holds the power at present?” Prince Thomico asked. “Who controls the army, the police, the armed forces?”

He said Hun Sen could “stage a coup to depose the monarchy at any time.”

“In order for the institution [of the monarchy] to be independent, the king must have a balance of power in our Khmer society and Khmer politics. Presently, the king does not have these,” Prince Thomico said.

King Sihamoni, a former ballet dancer, is a pale shadow of his father, the late King Norodom Sihanouk, who was a powerful and influential figure both locally and internationally for nearly six decades before he died last year.

“We must understand the king’s heart,” Prince Thomico said. “The king inherited the throne from his father, so he has to protect it.”

Vêf phiên họp qh.

Some constitutional experts have said that the opposition lawmakers must be present at the first parliamentary session for any new government to be endorsed.

The CPP claims, however, that it is entitled to convene parliament because it has 50 percent of the seats.

Fresh call for investigation

Human Rights Watch on Tuesday urged Cambodia’s donor countries to refrain from supporting the official results and to instead press for an independent probe into the electoral process.

“Bias and unfairness in the electoral system, structural problems, and allegations of widespread irregularities may have changed the result of a close election,” the group’s Asia director Brad Adams said.

“Unless there is an independent investigation that addresses legitimate concerns, we will never know who the people of Cambodia voted to lead the next government, casting a serious shadow over the legitimacy of any government that the CPP forms,” he said.

The United States, which is a major donor country to Cambodia, reiterated its concerns about irregularities in the polls after the final results announcement, urging “all parties” to work toward a solution.

U.S. State department spokeswoman Maria Harf said in a briefing Monday that it was not too late for a review of irregularities.

“We do still believe that a transparent review of irregularities in the July elections would help efforts to assess and address flaws in the electoral process and give the Cambodian people greater confidence in their electoral system,” she said.

“We are continuing to urge all parties, as we have, to seize this opportunity to improve their democratic processes going forward.”


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